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Nerocapra 'Vox Inferi' review

NEROCAPRA 'Vox Inferi' (Self-released)
If only the songs on this album had been more memorable I'd line Nerocapra (Black Goat, right?) up there along with the finest examples of Italian metal, but alas. Quite few spins in by now, yet once the disc is over there's little I can vividly remember, despite the significant quality in the playing department boldly displayed by all three band members and my reasonable appreciation of (thrash based) early to mid 90s death metal. Fairy brutal for the most part, made complete by complex drumming, guttural vocals and guitar work recalling at times the likes of Immolation and Incantation - Nerocapra's debut CD is a rather good, but hardly mind-blowing, example of underground death metal. Investigate further if you must. Available in digipak format directly from the band or F.O.A.D. Records. [7] (Vladimir Petrov)

Turin Turambar 'Corona Regni Satanae' review

TURIN TURAMBAR 'Corona Regni Satanae' (Self-released)
According to Metal Archives "This album was never released, only one hundred promotional copies were sent around the world." And this is only the beginning of the weirdness living on in TT, a band / project of Ataman Tolovy (Stillborn, Genius Ultor). The music sounds deliberately disjointed, as if to prevent the listener breaking through into some sort of a private nightmare, blazing speeds and suffocating dirges follow one another with little concern of giving a coherent flow to the tunes. Fair play to the band for having the balls trying out something this different, but in all fairness the urge of extreme originality becomes mostly a chore in the second part of the album and drags down the positive impressions left off by the opening tunes. Part black metal atmospherics, part annoying industrial drone, part Voivod on really bad acid trip, do you fancy the combination? Greg of the ever-reliable Godz Ov War who sub…

Voidcleaning - reviews pt. 1

You've heard it all before but here it goes anyway: We, at Dead Void Dreams, are thankful to all those nice bands and labels submitting us their promos for review. And we're also honoured by that, it means we're doing things right and people are paying attention in our doings. Cheers!
In an ideal, utopian, world everything sent our way will receive a proper and prompt review. And this is not an ideal world. We're all trying our best getting the zine thing up-to-date, yet at times it simply becomes too much. We're understaffed (get in touch if writing for a webzine sounds like your cup of blood!) and we all have to deal with that demanding little thing called "real life" - inevitably reviews would get delayed / fall between the cracks. Welcome to Underground Niche Zine 101.
The following reviews should be considered Void's version of housecleaning, if you will. This might become a sort of semi-regular feature, too. Under the given circumstances this is c…

Warclouds 'A Disturbing Presence' review

WARCLOUDS 'A Disturbing Presence' (Self-released)
The clouds of war taking shape before your very eyes: excellent guitar playing - stunning leads and all, brutal vocals, interesting arrangements. Death metal's most promising demo of the year here at the Void HQ? Probably. This is made even more impressive by the fact Bruno was responsible for all the writing and playing throughout the nine tunes that comprise ' A Disturbing Presence'. As such this is not perfection - the programmed drums are, after all...well, - programmed drums and the songs could benefit being a tad bit more memorable, but a strong start all the same. Now, after Bruno's relocation from Curitiba, Brazil to good ol' Blighty (London, more precisely) Warclouds version 2.0 is to be unleashed upon the world, as he has already recruited new members to the fold. Ask for this demo CD-R and keep an eye on this band. You wouldn't want to be caught off-guard when bigger and better things strike out,…

Manilla Road 'Invasion' review

MANILLA ROAD 'Invasion' (Shadow Kingdom Records)
I consider myself a Manilla Road fan, but I also admit I only have a few of their albums, which are classics in their own right, in my view at least. So 'Invasion', a re-release of their 1980 album is a new one for me. As the bio states the band were a rock ‘n roll band at this point and the material on here was written in the late 70s. You can hear hints of what would come for Manilla Road as the 80s wore on and they adopted a more metal sound. Thanks to Shadow Kingdom for pulling this out of obscurity for fans of the band and fans of late 70s/early 80s rock in general to hear. The fans that are hoping to hear vintage in their prime Manilla Road metal may be a bit disappointed. As for myself I am a fan of 1970s hard rock and this is a neat little time capsule for me. There are some cool effects and sounds on here for the time period. You can definitely feel the band attempting to find their way, it is beginning of the pow…

Yellowtooth 'Disgust' review

YELLOWTOOTH 'Disgust' (Orchestrated Misery Recordings)
Yellowtooth hails out of Indiana, but when you listen to the music I automatically figured they were from the South as they have that southern nuance to their sound. This band features Peter Clemens as some in the scene will surely remember him from bands like Shades of Grey, Sea of Tranquillity, Invasion (interviewed in Canadian Assault back in the day) and Skullview, while the other two members came from Chronic Disorder. Yellowtooth play a rocking type of sludge metal, but maybe not as heavy on the feedback as many sludge bands like Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Cavity and the like. But 'Disgust' is rocking, the riffage is really heavy and crushing yet always quite catchy, seemingly keeping at bay the doom tag. By my ear you can hear the members death metal roots in the guitar tuning / playing and also the vocals are pretty deep death metal growling, but kept clear enough that you make out most of what is sung. This is…

Lelahell 'Al Intihar' review

LELAHELL 'Al Intihar' (Goressimo Records)
Seems like everything is moving in the right direction for this Algerian band. Band founder Lelahel (and sole member by the time of recording these debut 6 songs) got his 'Al Intihar' released on compact disc by the Polish Goressimo Records and found bassist and drummer to complete the line up, which can only be good news and a promise for what's yet to come from the Lelahell camp. For what it is (being a self-recorded demo), 'Al Intihar' serves its purpose to give the listeners an initial impression of the band's style. While not utterly captivating this is still quite adept death metal that ranges all the way from blazingly fast attacks to mournfully slow pace, constantly keeping an eye to quality and inventive guitar work, helped by the subtle yet noticeable traditional music influences scattered across the tunes. Freak not, this is still the metal of death, just a tiny bit "different" than most, yet t…

Visigoth 'Final Spell' review

VISIGOTH 'Final Spell' (Self-released)
Just look at that cover, if that doesn't instill you with confidence from the outset then you're a lost fucking cause. Visigoth are a relatively new band hailing from the heavy metal wasteland of Utah, and coming at a period when it appears the latest traditional metal revival trend is slowly winding down, are an absolute breath of fresh air to these ears. Fair enough, as far as finding originality goes, especially in the traditional metal scene these days is about as fruitful as pissing up a rope but when it's performed as well as this, who the fuck needs originality? 'Final Spell' is the band's second release after their decent enough demo 'Vengeance' from 2010, and where it was set firmly in barefaced doom laden Omen territory, 'Final Spell' has all the characteristics and glint of a band who have finally 'found' their sound, where much bigger and better things inevitably await.
So they have…

Behexen 'Nightside Emanations' review

BEHEXEN 'Nightside Emanations' (Debemur Morti Productions)
Black metal. You know black metal, right? Yup, I know you do - saw it last night on Facebook. Funny Vikernes memes. The newly adopted black and white kitten - Abbath, you know, is sooo lovely. And the pandas video link...genius, pure genius!
You know jack.
The return of Behexen, after four years of silence, couldn't have been more appropriate, time and music-wise, or welcomed. 'Nightside Emanations' is the kind of rude stab in the face this so-called "scene" of today sorely deserves. The Finnish lunatics have proven once more that you must recognize your roots in order to be able to move forward, all while praising the rebellious Luciferian flame the genre has been build upon. It's all in here for you to explore - ten songs filled with oppressive abysmal atmosphere and a longing for that indescribable "other world" we're all secretly hoping breaking in. Yes, the album is THIS good and…

Spun In Darkness / Gravewurm Split CD review

SPUN IN DARKNESS / GRAVEWURM 'Vengeance From Beyond The Grave' Split CD (HPDG Productions)
Aah, the joys of the good ole split type thing. A quick check on any web metal forum will reveal at least one thread named "Fave split?" or "Most iconic split of all times?" or, God forbid! - "Pictures of your Unholy Grave / Agathocles / NunSlaughter split collection". Yes, the underground fiends mostly love these joint affairs - and rightly so, as it's usually a great opportunity hearing two bands who share the same ground / passion, all for the price of one. The journos, those good-for-nothing clueless bastards (that doesn't apply to those fine people writing for this here webzine, ha!), say the recession won't be over any time soon, so the split thingy shouldn't be bothered much for its future. Great.
Spun In Darkness was previously unknown to me but I did recognize the name of their drummer, Jeff Nardone, as he used to bash the skins back in…

Father Befouled 'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace' review

FATHER BEFOULED 'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace' (Dark Descent Records)
This is Father Befouled's third release and I am extremely happy that I was able to hear and get a hold of this great band. 'Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace' is nothing short of outstanding death metal that will leave all death metal maniacs drooling and begging for more. As evident by the 7 songs of bone crushing death metal, the band definitely sticks to the early 90s US death metal sound similar to Incantation, Immolation etc. but these metal warriors are not just posers ripping off their idols. They are extremely well trained musicians who know how to write and play their music. So while there are similarities to the mentioned bands and other mid 90s death metal bands Father Befouled also have a lot of creative ideas mixed within the heavy guitar and bass riffs. The drummer mixes it up a bit going from mid-paced beats before plunging into fast, uncontrolled assaults of rage, the vocalist is probably …

King Dude 'Burning Daylight' review

KING DUDE 'Burning Daylight' (Van Records)
I’ve always felt a certain unashamed bias towards Seattle’s newest occult folk export in the shape of King Dude ever since the day I discovered I share a name with that fascinatingly haunting voice behind the project, TJ Cowgill. Being a huge fan of neo-folk music myself this was also a bonus as much of King Dude’s sound is shaped by the pioneers of that scene such as Death in June, Current 93 and the ilk, or well it was anyway, as after listening to 'Burning Daylight' it’s hard not to notice the remarkable progression musically our man in black has made since 'My Beloved Ghost'. They’ve basically broadened the spectrum from a no frills acoustic neo-folk act into something altogether more inspired and distinct with 'Burning Daylight'. Infact the neo-folk influence has been hugely toned down in favour of something much more dark and apocalyptic, with a veneer of dark and sarcastic humour to it all. Gone are the cat…

Interview with Mongrel's Cross

You might go on and check out the reviewI did for Mongrel's Cross debut album, 'The Sins Of Aquarius', to see how impressed I was by the music of this Australian band. And when you're this impressive and 101 per cent metal, you get interviewed by Dead Void Dreams.
In this case, this is an interview done by our contributor Patrick, who's busy with his own Winter Torment zine as well. Huge thanks for the good work, pal!
Grab a beer - ready, set, GO!!!

Patrick: Metal hails! How are things in Australia? Please introduce yourself to the readers?
Grand Mongrel: Hails mate, Grand Mongrel reporting. Things are great here, I've just moved in to a place in the hills where I found a 3 m snake skin so this may be the last interview I do.

Patrick: At what age did you first discover metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your "current" favourite bands?

Grand Mongrel: When I was 12 years old the first drummer from Blood Duster moved u…