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Volture 'Shocking Its Prey' review

VOLTURE 'Shocking Its Prey' (Heavy Artillery Records) 

Richmond, Virginia’s Volture is one of the many new bands around today that are valiantly keeping the classic sound of Traditional/New Wave of British Heavy Metal alive. Now, you never really know what these bands will have in store for you. Some are total flops, and others completely amaze me. Let’s just say that Volture, with their debut EP, 'Shocking Its Prey', have me very pleasantly surprised. From the first listen of the opening title track, it’s apparent that, rather than the usual Maiden worship, there is definitely more Priest influence here, with the piercing vocals, upbeat rhythms, and of course, the truly magnificent solo. Dear readers, I am in love. The choruses catchy, the lyrics delightfully corny, Volture has me hooked from the first track. And this doesn’t change as the album goes on. The following track “Heavy Metal Machine” is a masterpiece of classic metal, driving riffs and a soaring chorus lead t…

Manilla Road 'Playground Of The Damned' review

MANILLA ROAD 'Playground Of The Damned' (High Roller Records - LP / Shadow Kingdom Records - CD)

Here’s an interesting scenario for ya, a new power metal album that actually sounds like a metal album, rather than a fan-made soundtrack to the 'Lord Of the Rings' movies. How refreshing! Manilla Road definitely air on the much heavier side of power metal, often crossing over into mid-paced thrash territory, and indeed most of the music on this album is not very fast at all, but still brings many epic hooks, driving melodies, and blazing solos, as shown quite clearly on the opening track, “Jackhammer” and in excellent fashion in “Abattoir De La Mort.” The second track, “Into the Maelstrom” is slow and heavy enough to make the best doom bands jealous. It’s quite a stretch to even put this one in the power metal category. The title track brings some speed back though, introducing some awesome riffs, and a fantastic, memorable chorus that really sticks. However, by the time I go…

Rampart 'A Tale To Cold' review

RAMPART 'A Tale To Cold' (Inferno Records)
After two years of silence Rampart at last made us happy with a new production, and namely the 4-song EP 'A Tale to Cold'. From the band that recorded the first album of the group 'Voice Of The Wilderness' is left only vocalist Maria, who however, turned out to be not only a text writer and a manager, but is as a whole the main power behind Rampart. With the new musicians comes the different sound.  The song “Stronghold Of The Sun” starts with a mighty power riff and that clearly shows what is to come next. Definitely there is a difference from the songs from the first album. Speed is still there, melody also, but the guitar weaves far more complicated figures and the drum’s rhythm is quite uneven at places. It shows that the group has developed to a direction of more complicated compositions. The whole rhythm of the piece reminds us of the first album, and namely fast-paced tempo in the style of the German power school …