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Sarcasm 'Crematory' review

SARCASM 'Crematory' (On Parole Productions)

'Crematory', the much loved and talked about in the underground circles, album by Sarcasm has been reissued once again, this time featuring 5 demo bonus tracks to justify the 'Anthology' tag used by the label. Kudos to On Parole for keeping this obscure little gem in print - na zdravje!

Ooooh, never heard of Sarcasm? That's fine, they are hardly a household name nowadays, but pretty much used to be just that for the metalheads in former Yugoslavia in the tail end of the '80s. 'Crematory' was originally released on tape in 1989 and I can boldly say the adolescent charm of these 8 tunes holds up well to this very day. Not a bad achievement for a bunch of high school guys from some small Slovenian town, one has to give them that.

It's been said that metal is predominantly young man's game and 'Crematory' is proof positive of the statement - the energy level is off the scale, and what the tunes …

NunSlaughter / Antiseen Split 7" review

NUNSLAUGHTER / ANTiSEEN Split 7" (Hells Headbangers)
Inevitable just like our beloved civilization's collapse - another split thingy featuring NunSlaughter, ladies and gentleman. With Antiseen on the flip too, in case you've been wondering what would it take for things to become better worse. Two new and exclusive songs per band, available on either traditional black or red / brown wax - Hells Headbangers seldom disappoints.
Alike with NunSlaughter, especially when we're talking 7" vinyl. The format seems to be tailor made to the band's needs, allowing their short, and straight to the point, thrashy and punked up death metal neck-breakers to shine in all of their dirty, religion mocking, glory. Focused, instantly recognizable, aggressive - both "So Vile" and "The Burning Times" are yet another good example that NunSlaughter do have fun. Solid, if not spellbinding. 
Antiseen at first glance might look like a weird pairing but there's method …

Imprecation 'Satanae Tenebris Infinita' review

IMPRECATION 'Satanae Tenebris Infinita' (Dark Descent Records) 
It has long dawned on everyone that sooner or later all bands from the past are bound to return, in one form or another. No prejudices here and no bias, as long as the newly penned tunes deliver there will be enough people paying attention / parting with their hard earned cash. Too bad for you if you are doing it the half-assed way, though - it's a dog eat dog world. Any Carcass member aware of this by chance? Sound chaps, cheers.
Speaking of comebacks, Imprecation certainly have unfinished business to take care of, this being their proper debut full-length album, after spending years in Hell (aka Texas) following the release of the 'Theurgia Goetia Summa' compilation of early demo / EP tracks in 1995 on the up and coming (then!) Repulse Records. Going straight to the core question - yes, 'Satanae Tenebris Infinita' is a great album, and yes - it would mighty help you to enjoy its qualities if y…