NunSlaughter / Antiseen Split 7" review

Split 7"
(Hells Headbangers)

Inevitable just like our beloved civilization's collapse - another split thingy featuring NunSlaughter, ladies and gentleman. With Antiseen on the flip too, in case you've been wondering what would it take for things to become better worse. Two new and exclusive songs per band, available on either traditional black or red / brown wax - Hells Headbangers seldom disappoints.

Alike with NunSlaughter, especially when we're talking 7" vinyl. The format seems to be tailor made to the band's needs, allowing their short, and straight to the point, thrashy and punked up death metal neck-breakers to shine in all of their dirty, religion mocking, glory. Focused, instantly recognizable, aggressive - both "So Vile" and "The Burning Times" are yet another good example that NunSlaughter do have fun. Solid, if not spellbinding. 

Antiseen at first glance might look like a weird pairing but there's method to the madness. Strip out all genre tags, trends and fads and in most cases you get to the raw, rebellious, nerve of genuine Rock 'n' Roll. And rocking hard Antiseen certainly do - coarse vocals, energetic rhythms and mean guitar distortion, a recipe proven to work wonders to the adrenaline levels of all those young at heart. "Air Of Opportunity" wins it for me, being grittier and faster than "Down To The Bone".[7,75 / 10]


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