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Interview with Gary Griffith (Morgion)

CANTICLES OF DOOM -"We are all time and then some..." Morgion, quite possibly California's darkest musical export, are still remembered fondly by the discerning doomsters , years after the band was put to rest. With couple of new re-releases  planned for them this year and a Maryland Death Fest gig scheduled for 2013, Morgion have proven once more that good music equals timelessness. Dead Void Dreams' own doom devotee, Vladimir Petrov, inquired band's seasoned guitarist Gary Griffith for an interview. Gary's positive reply and his "I haven't given an interview in years, so I may be rusty :)" remark set the right tone immediately. End result? An epic-length interview ('novel' according to our awesome interviewee, ha-ha) covering pretty much every step in  the journey of a splendidly epic band. Dead Void Dreams: Greetings Gary! Would you briefly introduce yourself to the readers who might not be aware who you are and what bands (past and p…