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CARNAL ‘Curse This Day’
(Distributor of Pain)
What’s on offer here is a good, if a bit uneven demo from those Polish lads. Apparently at the time this was recorded, 2003 to be exact, they were still searching for their own style of expression, which to me explains the combination of different metal styles they’re working upon in those songs. From thrash-like intensity, via some death metal passages all the way to the atmosphere of such acts as late day Katatonia and Anathema, Carnal, helped by both powerful production and precise playing, are trying with variable results to capture the listener’s attention and positive reaction. Logically when operating with such vast choice of influences at a rather young age not everything is bound to be stellar, and some parts sound a bit thrown together, but the potential was there even in their cocoon stage, so to say. Seemingly I and the band are sharing the same opinion on what style best suits them as this DOP reissue, from 2006, contains a bonus…