Nepente 'Suffering Is The Seed' review

'Suffering Is The Seed'
(Sonic Blast Media)

South America has always had been known for its aggressive, violent metal and Colombia's Nepente carries that tradition on nicely with 'Suffering Is The Seed'. In fact I would say the band raise the brutal bar just a little bit with this album with insanely fast (you have to hear ‘em to believe them) blast beats mixed with chaotic, uncompromising guitar riffs that rarely slow down. The guitars are a little thicker giving them a death metal feel and sound. After listening to the vocalist I'm surprised his vocal chords are not completely destroyed after the recording sessions for this album, as they are some of the most intense, sick shrieks/screams I have heard in quite some time, but there is also a Glen Benton death metal growl mixed in on some of the songs and both vocal styles fit Nepente's uncompromising war metal style nicely. 



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