The Fat Dukes Of Fuck 'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' review

'Honey From The Lips Of An Angel' 

This is not generally the kind of thing musically I listen to. But everything from the artwork to the lyrics, to the song titles, to the band name drew me in right from the start. But then again I am the type that is into extreme and sleazy things. But as an example of what I mean, search the song “Cigarette” by The Fat Dukes Of Fuck on YouTube (before it probably gets taken down! haha) to get an idea what I mean. You have a preacher puppet ala the Muppets TV show rocking out, then he starts fucking a puppet chick in every way you could imagine before blowing his load (they show everything!) into her mouth, both him and the chick are licking some of cum out dripping down her face. Then later in the video he is screwing her while she is on the rag and there is blood everywhere. Holy shit these guys rule!! I love The Fat Dukes of Fuck! So yes tons of great window dressing that turns me on, but what does the music sound like? A lot of it as I mentioned, is outside of my normal purview, but I can hear some classic Faith No More influence, seen another review say Fu Manchu, that sounds like a reasonable elemental influence as well, probably shit like Primus could be thrown in there. They are decidedly hard rock and metal sounding, but I think you could throw even more spaced out stuff like Zappa and The Melvins in the melting pot that spat out this greasy super cool band! I just know I love it for all the things I mentioned, but the music is pretty killer and memorable too and for me something different than what I usually get off on. Not bad that it can win me over like that in a genre I do not listen to much. But these guys do rock and yes they do it with their cocks out, dripping with pussy juice, blood and semen. You want to check out something different, but still sick and extreme? Get this!!
(Dale Roy)


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