Eugenic Death 'Crimes Against Humanity' review

'Crimes Against Humanity'
(Heaven And Hell Records)

I do not get much thrash metal for review these days, but North Carolina’s Eugenic Death deliver exactly that with aplomb and bring back some memories for me. They actually remind me of that time when thrash had been the thing, firmly entrenched, but some thrash bands were beginning to let this new sound, death metal creep in just a little bit. The vocals make me think of that partially, they are those clear yet rough ‘n gruff yelled vocals, but in this case have a tiny hint of the death metal grow to their seedy underbelly. 'Crimes Against Humanity' will take you right back to the late 80s and early 90s thrash metal sound, they sound like they burst straight outta the Bay Area scene from back then. Some bands that spring to mind are Exodus, Defiance, Vio-lence, Death Angel, Righteous Pigs, Testament, Dark Angel and the like. It is definitely American sounding, no mixing of German thrash sound from back then as so many old style thrash bands do, no this is made in the USA all the way. This is some energetic stuff, nothing new or outside the box here, but the material is really good, some of it will stick in your head, you can rock out to it and headbang along. I am not sure if you can ask a whole lot more out of the classic thrash sound. There is some fine guitar work on display here as well. Thrash fans of old, that need something new to listen to, you will definitely want to give this one a listen straight away. This is only for old school thrash maniacs, all others need not apply.
(Dale Roy)



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