Deserted Fear 'My Empire' review

'My Empire'
(FDA Recotz)

I seen these guys band name, then seen these blokes are from Germany and I am thinking gotta be a straight up old school German thrash band. I hit play and I heard some slashing, powerful guitars build to a crescendo and busting through my headphones. Nope I was wrong this is some really good old school Swedish death metal influenced sickness. I mean not entirely that sound, you can hear some old school American influence like Repulsion or Autopsy going on, so in other words only the finest do they draw from. Just like those influences the vocals kind of differ from the usual but also sound rather similar to the bands vocals above, plus maybe some Martin Van Drunen from Pestilence thrown in for good measure. These guys know how make some killer riffs, not going a million miles a minute, no they sit down on a good riff and milk it, I like that. 'My Empire' has a cool as a rotting corpse atmosphere to it and it really takes me back to the old days, which is a place I like to be with my music. Check this the hell out.
(Dale Roy) 



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