Revolting 'Hymns Of Ghastly Horror' review

'Hymns Of Ghastly Horror'
(FDA Rekotz)

Well upon picking up this album, the cover artwork immediately assaults the senses with an upright headless nude corpse holding large knives in each hand and a half naked horrified woman being strangled as she holds the child’s decapitated head in her hands. Some really extreme and disturbing stuff, hopefully the music evokes similar emotions in me, in a good way. Well the music is solid, not sure it quite matches the sickness of the cover though, but I suppose few bands do. Having said that this is some pretty clean, yet heavy and driving old school Swedish death metal with a bit of the new school melodo Swede dm mixed in. Maybe you could say this bands sort of sounds like the transition Sverge death metal took from the early days to the late 90s / early 2000s, which for me was not a turn for the better. That melodic mix definitely takes the rough edges off a little bit, but it still retains some of that old school harsh aggression to at least keep things worth listening. Not one of my fave Swedish dm releases, but there is enough good stuff and that old feeling in there to at least be worth a listen on their ReverbNation page at least, to see if you want investigate any further.
(Dale Roy)


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