Promiscuity 'Infernal Rock 'N Roll' review

'Infernal Rock 'N Roll'

Some people might be moaning all the way to hell that releasing cassettes in this day and age is nothing but cheap nostalgia gimmick for primitive cavemen unaware of the ongoing technical progress. Yeah, sure. Give a listen to this three song demo and tell me there's more fitting format other than tape for Promiscuity's debut offering - a rather crude and enjoyable affair which a certain faction of the underground hounds would surely like saluting, beer in one hand, lit cigarette in the other. Yeah, it's all a familiar scene and nothing out of the ordinary, but by rolling together elements of thrash, death, heavy metal and punk Promiscuity have declared their arrival and 'Infernal Rock 'N Roll' is a promising start. Think along the lines of something close in sound and style to Gehennah, circa their 'Hardrocker' era, remove the goof factor altogether, add better guitar playing and solos to the template and then do your math if Promiscuity is what you need. Make sure to dust off the good ole Walkman hidden in the attic somewhere. [7]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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