Reign Of Vengeance 'Disemboweling Swine' review

'Disemboweling Swine' 
(Brain Damage Films) 

I believe this is the first album released by Brain Damage, apparently a company that makes and releases indie horror films. Reign of Vengeance features members of bands like Cephalic Carnage, Rebirth, Decrepit Birth etc… So they have been around the block a time or two already. The thing that immediately strikes me and draws me in to the band is the vocals. There are two sets of vocals, both take influence from two of my fave bands of all time, the deeper growling ones take their cue from Glen Benton of Deicide and the nasal-y higher pitched ones clearly give a healthy nod to the almighty Macabre. Those vocals got me in a good mood. There is some good technical, catchy guitar riffing that reminds me a touch to Gorguts ‘Obscura’ album. I already mentioned Macabre, but I think there is some influence from them in the music as well. Reign of Vengeance may be a little more brutal than Macabre, but they clearly worship this band. Reign try for that stop and start quirky sort of turn around sound and sometimes it works and other times, it comes off a little clunky. The drumming is like a constant pounding tornado, swirling and ripping full force at all times, scarily impressive with its destructive precision. With the influences I mentioned and the label releasing this record, you will not be surprised the lyrics are horror / gore influenced. Some titles are “In The Club With A Chainsaw”, “A Massacre Of Mormons”, and “A Tradition Of Bloodshed”. 'Disemboweling Swine' is nothing innovative or mind blowing, but it is a good album and will appeal to brutal death metal horror hounds. 
(Dale Roy)


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