Vore 'Gravehammer' review


This was quite a surprise as I remember buying and hearing this band's debut demo 'Dead Kings Eyes' back in 1997. So it was great to see/hear the band still going strong. 'Gravehammer', VORE's fourth release, is simply amazing and flawless death metal. I would say the first thing that caught my attention was the band's sheer heavy guitar sound and pounding drums. The musicians never stray away from the mid-paced range, but VORE only prove you don't have to play a million miles per hour to be heavy and intense death metal. I am not sure why the band is still unsigned but this is another thing I wanted to mention as this is a quality band that plays what they love and want to, not what's popular. VORE are a band that will please all fans of heavy, pure death metal. 
(Update: AFM Records are re-issuing this death metal gem on 20th July 2012)
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