Plutonium 'Devilmentertainment Non-Stop' review

'Devilmentertainment Non-Stop'

Bleak, claustrophobic and mind-strangling, J.Carlsson's PLUTONIUM is a band that shouldn't be taken lightly. For all I know, this might very well be the aural equivalent of wandering through the muted streets of some desolate, post-apocalyptic city, all while arguing with yourself whether to keep calm or submit to the call of lunacy. One really has to admire the atmosphere oozing from this release, an effect that numerous other bands desperately try but fail to achieve. Comparisons to both THORNS and DHG, at their creative best, are definitely in order but for once it's great to see someone taking the blueprint of those two and adding his own vision, integrity and musical skills that ultimately round off this album to sound as genuine as it does. This might be an awkward listen to some but personally I'm more than happy to have this release as proof that one can successfully radiate the sinister and menacing vibe of black metal through new channels and not making a mockery of it. Solid and infectiously catchy. Recommended. [8]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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