Vestal Claret / Ungod 'Split Cassette' review

'Split Cassette'
(No Visible Scars Records)

It's great to see labels in this day and time of digital labels, CDs etc. that still release cassette tapes! It gives me a little more hope for the real DIY underground. Up first on the split is Vestal Claret, the best way I can describe their music is a mix of 70s "classic" rock with traditional heavy doom riffs. The vocals are sung in a really well done clean voice which goes good with the music. This is not really my style of metal / rock that I listen to on a regular basis so I will end by saying if you enjoy classic rock and early doom, then give Vestal Claret a shot - you might enjoy them.

Up next is a band that you should be aware of if you have been a black metal fan for a few years now. Germany's Ungod are masters of raw, primitive black metal. Four songs of filthy, grim black metal with thin guitars, fast drums that do slow down from time to time. The vocalist unleashes harsh black metal shrieks that spew the lyrics out. These four songs just prove why Ungod are still a force within the black metal underground. This is a good release with two very different bands but both are obviously old-school influenced and have a lot of talent and show their ability in their songs. Old-school maniacs and tape collectors, show your support for the smaller cassette labels and buy this gem of metal.


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