Ad Patres 'Scorn Aesthetics' review

'Scorn Aesthetics'
(Kaotoxin Records)

Death metal that's both brutal and technical is hardly a new concept and the occasional grumpy old timer of year 2004 AD might even share his wisdom that the genre-defining classics can't be touched, much less topped. France's Ad Patres, however, stand strong and stand their ground with their debut full-length album. The band has been smart enough to realize that you need more than non-stop blasts and gurgles to keep the listener's attention, which is good news and highly enjoyable. While this certainly is never light in the brutality department there's some unexpectedly melodic, Sunlight-on-amphetamine, guitar solos and riffs to be found here and at times one's put in mind of bands such as Demilich or Kataklysm (back when they were good) rather than the Suffocations of the world. Adrenaline-pumping and, yeah, plenty scornful, this is a neat 31 minute album one would like listening to in the mornings before the daily grind starts. Not exactly groundbreaking but a good example of energy-laden, precisely played death metal, 21st century style. [7,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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