Witch Cross 'Fit For Fight' review

'Fit For Fight'
(Hells Headbangers)

'Fit For Fucking Fight' huh?! This is a blast from the past for me. I have been listening to this album for many a moon, for those that do not know about this fantastic metal album, it was originally released back in 1984 on Roadrunner Records. This album is so highly regarded that I believe Hells Headbangers is no less than the fourth record label to release this fucking thing! As you might guess this is classic mid 80s heavy metal, Witch Cross are from Denmark and you can imagine them fitting in that scene right next to Mercyful Fate and Maltese Falcon - can you imagine a gig with all three of those bands? My head would explode! The music on here is marvellous and just chugs along with speedy ripping music that commands you like an evil old witches spell to headbang and play air guitar. I mean seriously listen to the songs "Fight The Fire" & "Light Of A Torch" and tell me you were able resist rocking out those amazing tunes. Just some fantastic guitar work on here with some smoking solos. The vocals may be an acquired taste for some, they are very early to mid 80s dated vocals, quite high pitched with not a lot of range, some might even mistake them for chick vocals, but they are great and work with the killer music. Seriously if you have not heard this by now you better get it or you do not even like classic heavy metal and why are you still reading this review? This is a must own for 80s metal fans, get your grip on this intense fire ball of metal now.
(Dale Roy)


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