Spire 'Metamorph' review


Speaking of obscure atmosphere this mini album is hard to beat. The songs twist and unfold like a macabre, trance-inducing ritual straight from the most frightening pits of your imagination. Deceptively monotonous, until you start to pay attention to all these little details, 'Metamorph' is slowly working its way into your psyche as if you're about to gaze at some kind of hollow, all-encompassing void. The experimentation just works right for these Australians and it's great to listen to a band trying their take on the depressive black/ambient with success and their own malicious vision. The band has the whole EP for streaming on their Bandcamp page and since I was send the review link this was made available on CD by Art Of Propaganda in Germany. Keep you eyes peeled, Spire can only get deadlier. [8]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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