The Vladimirs 'The Late Hours' review

'The Late Hours'
(Hells Headbangers)
Well now, this is something different than what I have been getting to review lately. Not to mention something a little different for Hells Headbangers to release. We have before a horror themed punk rock band. You will immediately have to think of Misfits, Samhain and Danzig (to a lesser extent) when you hear this. Now this might be partly due to my shallow knowledge of the genre that I am not summoning up more influences to list. But those influences are prominent and I do not think the band could or would deny them. I mean the vocalist even sounds an awful lot like early Glenn Danzig. The song titles and lyrics draw me in right away being a huge horror movie hound. I mean there is even a horror movie name as one of their song titles with “City of The Living Dead”. You have got to love it or at least I do, at any rate. Everything is done in a pretty serious sounding way though and they try to capture the frightening terror of the genre as opposed to just doing a spoof on it like some bands, not taking it seriously. 'The Late Hours' is a pretty rocking album, they keep the pace quick, with some nice guitar fills to keep things a little fuller, so to speak and not so thin like some punk bands tend to be. The lyrics and choruses are pretty memorable and you can sing along with them. Not sure what else to say, they are not a total clone or anything, but again if you like the Misfits and Samhain then I am sure you will dig this, just remember to bring a shovel and headstone with you.
(Dale Roy)
(Those guys have surely picked the coolest name around too! - Vladimir ED)


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