Speedwolf 'Ride With Death' review

'Ride With Death'
(Hells Headbangers)

This is some of the better Motorhead worship I have heard since the mighty Superchrist burst onto the scene like an artillery shell. Speedwolf seem to like the Motorhead stuff that has the most punk-y type elements to it and a little of that GBH/Amebix type of flavour. The song titles should give you a further feel of what you get such as “I am The Demon”, “Up All Night”, “Out on Bail”, and “I Can’t Die”. This is total beer swilling, chopper riding hard rock and metal party music. Nothing remotely ground breaking or bringing anything new to the table and yes it is full on retro. But I am full on retro myself and a classic sound is a classic sound for a reason. But it is also a fun ride and devotees of all things Lemmy Kilmister like will dig this.
(Dale Roy)


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