Guilty As Sin 'Psychotronic' CD giveaway!

GUILTY AS SIN seemingly do things right. There must be something really cool about their new album, 'Psychotronic' to warrant them positive reviews both by me (read it here) and our contributor Dale Roy on his own Canadian Assault. Keep in mind that both of us would be mostly deemed being of the "not-easily-pleased" type of listeners/reviewers. Kudos to the band for releasing an impressive album.

Not only that but they are class guys as well. 
Now we have 5 CDs of 'Psychotronic' to give away to our readers. 
Yes, five of you will win a free copy. 

To enter the giveaway, just send your MAILING address to:

deadvoiddreams [at]

We'll pick the winners randomly, contest will close at midnight, EET, on February 17th.

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