Withering Soul 'No Closure' review

'No Closure'
(Mortal Music)

I read a review online of this album. I could not agree more with the opening of that review. It is stated that melodic death/black metal bands from Scandinavia and Europe in general are a dime a dozen. The difference here is Withering Soul hail from the States and they do have a touch of an American sound. But for the most part they sound like every other boring band from overseas. I guess I am just not and never really have been the biggest melodic death fan. I like a few of the excellent original bands. But after that I really lost interest in the scene and it all sounds so interchangeable to mine ears. Something that makes it even worse for me is Withering Soul like to absolutely drown this sound / style in heavy keyboards, only compounding my apathy towards 'No Closure'. I think my (only) favourite part of this album is the killer guitar solo / fill on the song 'Possession of Deception'. A little sad if that is the highlight of the album. Suffice it to say I will not be listening to this one again.
(Dale Roy)


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