Prosanctus Inferi 'Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpatation' review

'Pandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpatation'
(Hells Headbangers)

Well that album title is a mouthful. I bet they were patting themselves on the back when they came up with it. From what I am just now reading apparently this is a one man band from a guy that plays in Black Funeral (I remember ordering their demo back in '94, I did not realize they were still active though). My initial reaction on the first few tracks was some of this reminds me of Profanatica. Sure enough the bio says the band are moving away from their past Profanatica worship. I wondered if I just thought I was hearing that since I had just finished reviewing the new Profanatica record. Prosanctus Inferi definitely have that sound, but more of a traditional death metal tone underneath the black blood affinity. I think I hear a little early Morbid Angel influence going on in the metal storm as well. It is a fairly monotone, one speed full ahead type of affair, not that that is a bad thing. There is a certain necro atmosphere on here that I like, reminds me a little of the aura given off from the early works of Blasphemy or Incantation. You know that sort of dark obscure hiss and suffocating feeling that envelops you. The vocals are a rolling vomit unintelligible murmuring and growl combination that melts into the background. Not a lot of dynamics compositionally speaking on here, none too original either yet somehow I quite like it.
(Dale Roy) 


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