Ulcer 'Grant Us Death' review

'Grant Us Death'
(Pulverised Records)

I have to be completely honest - I was not really expecting to like this at all. With the band and album title I guess I was expecting some over the top gore-grind band or second rate Autopsy clone. But that's not the case with these uncompromising old-school maniacs from Poland. Ulcer draws influence from Swedish gods such as Entombed ('Left Hand Path' era), Dismember ('Like An Ever Flowing Stream' and the demo days) and other classick gods of the Swedish scene. Heavy, blasting drums, fast intense guitars with some really crazy riffs and solos throughout. Angry screams mixed with deep death growls fit perfectly with Ulcer's insane old-school brutal death metal sound.Ulcer has just released one of the best old-school death metal CDs of the year (I know the year just started but it's gonna be hard to top this masterpiece of sickness).



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