Turin Turambar 'Corona Regni Satanae' review

'Corona Regni Satanae'

According to Metal Archives "This album was never released, only one hundred promotional copies were sent around the world." And this is only the beginning of the weirdness living on in TT, a band / project of Ataman Tolovy (Stillborn, Genius Ultor). The music sounds deliberately disjointed, as if to prevent the listener breaking through into some sort of a private nightmare, blazing speeds and suffocating dirges follow one another with little concern of giving a coherent flow to the tunes. Fair play to the band for having the balls trying out something this different, but in all fairness the urge of extreme originality becomes mostly a chore in the second part of the album and drags down the positive impressions left off by the opening tunes. Part black metal atmospherics, part annoying industrial drone, part Voivod on really bad acid trip, do you fancy the combination? Greg of the ever-reliable Godz Ov War who submitted the disc had warned me this is not gonna be an easy review - true. Being the cool cat he is he has uploaded songs from 'Corona...' on YouTube. Be very afraid. [6,5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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