Pagan Altar 'The Time Lord' review

'The Time Lord'
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
This is listed as an EP on the vinyl version in some places, but this thing is 31 minutes long roughly, some would argue that places it firmly in the mini-album or even album category. But never mind that, I dear readers am in rapture right now listening to this hidden gem! Anyone who knows me well knows I absolutely worship hard rock and doom from the 70s like Captain Beyond, Lucifer's Friend, Deep Purple, Pentagram and the like. Well I can now add 'The Time Lord' to that list of albums! This is an amazing collection of demo recordings from 1978, the recording and atmosphere / feeling of on here just screams of that found on those 70s recordings from the bands I mention above. Just amazing, flowing doomy 70s hard rock with that classic sound that makes my head spin. The vocals of Terry Jones are pretty killer and just bring me back to that time, a lot of emotion and sincerity in his delivery and they perfectly compliment these brooding, rocking tunes. Just have one listen to songs like "The Black Mass" and "Reincarnation" and if you are not hooked then you have no taste you wretched bastards. Thank you Shadow Kingdom for releasing this dusty piece of audio gold! If you are into 70s rock & doom, just get this right now son.
(Dale Roy)


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