Tsar Bomb 'Tsar Bomb' review

'Tsar Bomb' EP

Debut release by Malaga's, Spain, (self-described) warfare-influenced misanthropists. So, this is basically a demo and the beginning of the learning curve for the band in more than one aspect. The intention is made clear - Tsar Bomb are going for an aggressive mixture of black and death metal, just not in the old school way, but more like following the footprints laid by bands such as Zyklon, Belphegor or Behemoth. Speed picked guitar playing, that hints on appreciation to the more technical style over the chosen instrument, rather than  concentrating on massive riffing, combination of shrieked/growled vocals (alongside some shouted backing vocals) - all in all, that's pretty much a contemporary metal music, which might be great news to some. Drum programming, that's what they really should consider further working upon, as that's the main issue here. Frankly, it just sounds annoying, the non-stop blasting and the way it's been mixed does a great disservice to the tunes, sticking out as a sore thumb and bringing this down. Way down. We'll see what the future brings, perhaps a flesh and bones drummer would be the best option, no matter if he could achieve such insane speed or not. After all, the part I did like best was the slower one on the demo, right at its tail end. [5]
(Vladimir Petrov)


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