Radiation Sickness 'Reflections Of A Psychotic Past' review

'Reflections Of A Psychotic Past'
(Abyss Records)

Fast and creative sound, the songs on this CD are massive. Brutality at its best, unending assault of metal, the artwork looks like a horror movie poster, and this is well reflective of the lyrical content for the most part. The album contains insane songs, the vocals are low growls mixed with madness, we have all out avalanche grind beats, and moshing riffs. Again, the lyrics are demented, violent and assaulting. Radiation Sickness is like a more brutal version of Carcass [eehh, mate, really? -ED]. 'Reflections Of A Psychotic Past' is sure to please any metal fan. Definitely among the best releases I've gotten all year. Do check this out! [The CD also features a re-mastered version of the band's debut album from 1990, 'The Other Me' - ED]
(Paul Caravasi)


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