utopian.hope.dystopian.nihilism 'Pact With solitude' review

'Pact With Solitude '

A mysterious beginning around 2004 found the world of utopian.hope.dystopian.nihilism (that's right, all lower case...hmm – ED), the enchanting sounds and absolute originality blend so perfectly when it hits your ears . Elvio Rodrigues, the architect of this band, searched for the extremity of music and mind bringing this album to life , his song 'Self-Inflicted Metamorphosis' is a breath of fresh crisp serenity to my ears... This album may not be for everyone but it definitely warrants attention on all levels, despite the minor lack of production which would of increased this album's eclectic beating blood drenched heart 100 fold. His lyrics need attention but when you heard it you will be entranced. It's definitely worth listening to, so soak up some of this now!


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