Sanguis Imperem 'In Glory We March Towards Our Doom' review

'In Glory We March Towards Our Doom'
(Invictus Productions / Hells Headbangers)

California's Sanguis Imperem have released one of the most violent, heaviest death metal releases to be released in some time. The band doesn't try to clone or follow any of the current musical trends out now. Instead the band follows their own path of destruction and has created some of the heaviest, violent sounding death metal: fast heavy guitar riffs that range from insane whirlwind riffs and solos to a more controlled heavy mid paced riffs. The drums are furious blasts of rage but slow down with the guitars that only add to the bands heaviness and intensity. The vocals are deep, sick growls and tormented shrieks of agony. Fans who enjoy early 90's style death metal with a touch of war-metal insanity will love Sanguis Imperem and their sick vision of death metal.


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