Split Heaven 'Street Law' review

'Street Law'
(Pure Steel Records)

Yet another band representing the popular at the moment NWOTHM, with the main difference being that Split Heaven hail from Mexico, a land mostly known for its more radical, extreme, bands. This is their third album, keeping the traditions set by the previous two by bringing the public expertly played heavy metal in the veins of Judas Priest, Accept and Stormwitch. The songs are fast paced, strengthened by memorable riffs and choruses, as well as virtuoso guitar solos, with the emotional vocals by Eligio Valenzuela adding a heavier epic vibe to the whole package. What's also great about this album is the genuine energy that streams from the tunes, which is here to show how enthusiastic these guys are for their craft. 'Street Law' wins over with its straightforward, non-bullshit, approach and none would be bored by listening to tunes like 'Time Warrior', 'The Devil Isn't Fool', 'The Obscure' and 'Street Law'. I can guarantee this is gonna be a real pleasure to the heavy metal fans, old and young. [8]
 (Asen Asenov)


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