A zine. An old-style metal/punk/whatever zine. That's what Dead Void Dreams is and will always be. No ass-licking, no strings attached.

The difference? It's on Blogger. Big fuckin deal. You get it in your browser and you would be able to read, share, enjoy and disagree on the information contained therein. 

Support the music.

Everyone is encouraged to get in touch. Staff writers wanted.

Thanks to one and all,
Vladimir Petrov
All contacts to:

deadvoiddreams at gmail dot com

(Ask for actual mailing address for physical promos)

Voidhangers unlimited

Vladimir Petrov
Asen Asenov
Nikolay Medarov (Terozin)

United States of America
 Andrew Oliver
Patrick (Winter Torment Zine)
Dale Roy (Canadian Assault Zine)
Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

Chris Cowgill (Walking On Both Sides)

Republic of South Africa

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